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Read the full Solar Industry Commitment to Environmental & Social Responsibility.For more information, please contact

The solar industry strives to create a sustainable product- not just through the generation of energy from the sun, but also through the manufacturing and recycling of the product. Thus, issues such as a sustainable supply-chain, solar panel recycling, workers rights, and greenhouse gas emissions are a top priority. The solar industry is working to assess sustainability issues, develop standards practices, and pursue industry solutions to ensure sustainable business practices.

In support of this mission, SEIA has worked with its membership and external stakeholders to develop the Solar Industry Commitment to Environmental & Social Responsibility (Solar Commitment). The Solar Commitment, which may be adopted by companies throughout the solar supply chain, is a voluntary document that details a set of solar industry guidelines which promote environmental and social responsibility. These guidelines include solar-specific and general best practice provisions regarding the environment, labor, ethics, health and safety, and management practices of the company. The Solar Commitment leverages the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition's Code of Conduct to progress relevant and familiar standards. 

The Solar Commitment represents the first corporate social responsibility guide developed exclusively for, and by, the solar industry. Continued sustainability of the industry is a critical component of solar energy as a reliable, long-term energy source. As such, our Founding Participants (first-adopting companies) will establish themselves as leaders in corporate social responsibility, and will progress the responsibility and sustainability of the entire solar industry.

Founding Participants include: