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Membership Dues


SEIA Membership dues are based on your business type and the combined total of your revenue from U.S. solar energy related products/services and government-sponsored R&D from the last fiscal year. All memberships are corporate, so all members of your organization are eligible for member benefits!

20% of your 2016 membership dues are used to further our lobbying activities and are not tax deductible. 

For more information and to learn more about SEIA membership dues, please contact Membership at (202) 469-3749.

Please note: SEIA membership dues are paid annually, and memberships expire twelve months from your enrollment date.

Online Payment System FAQs


Is the change to the new system mandatory?

The change is mandatory for those on a partial payment system. For all others, it is not mandatory, but is highly encouraged.

Will this change affect my payment schedule?

No, payment schedules will remain unchanged.

What payments are accepted through Chargent?

Credit card and eCheck payments are accepted. Paper checks and wire transfers are still accepted, but will be handled as they were previously.

When will this new system go into effect?

The system goes into effect as of April 20, 2017

Can I set up recurring payments for annual memberships?

Recurring payments that charge annually and stop on a certain date are available.

Will this affect what I see on my bill?

The charge will appear on your bill just as it did before.

When does the payment officially go through?

The payment is immediately captured. How quickly it appears on your statement depends on your bank