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A Look at the Biggest Solar Stories of 2012

Wednesday, Jan 04 2012

Solar in the News

A lot happened for solar in 2012, from some of the world's largest solar plants being built out and connected to the grid to tariffs being imposed on Chinese silicon PV imports. Here are some of the biggest stories from 2012 as we head into 2013.

Perhaps it's appropriate to start with the big plants that are starting to come online. Whereas just a year or two ago, any plant larger than 30 megawatts coming online was a big deal, now plants in excess of 100 megawatts are coming online. In fact, the world's largest operational solar farm is now at 200 megawatts online—and it's not completed yet. Already 200 megawatts of the 290 megawatts at the Agua Calienete solar farm being built by First Solar in Yuma, County Ariz., and is now the world’s largest single PV farm.