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New Jersey's Solar "Resurrection Bill" Passes

Legislation expected to prevent “complete collapse” of NJ solar industry. Governor Christie expected to sign.

Thursday, Jun 28 2012

Solar in the News

New Jersey edged out California in the first quarter of this year for the lead in solar installations with 174 megawatts (see below for state-by-state details from USSMI -- sorry, California).

And the New Jersey solar miracle might keep rolling along, despite threats to derail its momentum.

New Jersey's General Assembly approved the substitution for S-1925 (A-2966), and the Senate just approved the amendments. This piece of solar legislation, which has been referred to as the "resurrection bill" for solar in New Jersey, could sustain solar project development and job growth at a healthy rate in the Garden State.

New Jersey Governor Christie was quoted last week saying of the solar bills, “If they pass, I will sign them." He said that the bills “will help to continue to support the solar industry, which is a big job creator in this state," according to Flettexchange.