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SEIA Statement on Today's California Regulatory Decision on Net Metering

CPUC vote clarifies methodology for net metering calculation, calls for further study.

Thursday, May 24 2012

Press Release

WASHINGTON – Today, the California Public Utilities Commission passed on a vote of 5-0 a new rule regarding net metering, primarily to clarify calculation of the state’s five-percent net metering cap. Net metering allows customers to earn credit for excess solar electricity they produce that is distributed to other customers on the grid. The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) worked with members and stakeholders as part of the Coalition for Solar Rights asking for CPUC review of the calculation of the cap that is expected to be reached as soon as early next year by some utilities. Sara Birmingham, Director of Western States at SEIA, released the following statement after today’s vote:

“This decision is a positive step forward for clean energy jobs, for ratepayers, and for our state.

“The commissioners noted that there is wide disagreement on the issues related to the cost shift between solar and non-solar customers. SEIA looks forward to working with stakeholders on the study of costs and benefits, and believes the study will report these costs as minimal.

“We are hopeful the Commission will resolve additional technical issues raised by the decision to ensure the growth of solar energy jobs in California and maintaining our state’s leadership in this sector.

“On behalf of the solar industry, residential customers, schools, businesses and more than 60,000 Californians who urged the PUC to make solar energy credits more widely available and to boost one of our brightest job-creating industries, we thank the Governor and the Commissioners for their support today.”