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Health & Safety

female solar worker with hard hat. Photo Credit: Sun Light & Power Health and safety issues include fire safety, workforce development, and industry codes & standards. The solar industry is working proactively to address these issues by developing best practices and pursuing industry solutions to ensure responsible business practices among U.S. solar companies.

Photo Credit: Sun Light & Power

Installer Safety

The health and safety of workers, both pre- and post-manufacture, is an important component of social sustainability. The solar industry is developing best practices that ensure worker health and safety, and focus on awareness and compliance with US laws and regulations.

Fire Safety & Solar

Firefighters often must access roof space in the course of fighting a fire. Therefore, the solar industry is researching best practices to ensure fire-fighter safety, and tracking fire incidents involving solar panels to further address concerns.

Codes & Standards

The process of installing solar energy can involve adhering to a number of construction, safety and other types of codes and standards. The solar industry proactively works to ensure that all relevant codes and standards allow for the safe and responsible installation of solar energy systems. 

Workforce Development

Within the solar industry, workforce development issues include training, licenses, certification, and accreditation. SEIA provides guidance and information to solar companies regarding training opportunities, certifications, and other information.

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