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Brighter Future: Solar in U.S. Schools Map

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This map shows the schools across the nation that have gone solar. View the map>>

How to use the map

Double click on the map to zoom in and find your school. Click on the icon to get detailed information.

About this map

To learn more about K-12 Schools going solar, see Brighter Future: A Study on Solar in U.S. Schools.

This map and underlying analysis are not intended to be a comprehensive resource for judging the economic viability of deploying solar energy systems at schools because the analysis could not account for the specific circumstances for every location (including state or local incentives, specific utility rate structures, space or engineering specifics, etc. Many schools not included on these maps are likely good candidates for saving money with solar energy. Likewise, some schools on these maps may not have the necessary conditions to save money with solar energy today. To get an individualized assessment of your school, contact a solar installer that operates in your area. A list of installers can be found in SEIA's member directory.

Some schools could not be mapped due to incomplete or inadequate (i.e. PO Box) address data. In some cases, the location of a pin on the map may not line up with the actual location of a school for two reasons. 1) The school may have moved since the address data was completed. 2) The geocoding of the address may not have produced a precise latitude and longitude, and instead resolved to a more coarse location such as the center of a zip code or city.

School address and size data was obtained from National Center for Education Statistics 2011/2012 databases.

Last updated: Sept 2014


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