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CEC Initial Target Products


Initial Target Products

  • Collect and communicate the stories:
    • SPI announcement that 75% of the board is actively participating
    • Recognition of great company initiatives at SPI
    • SEIA webpage/factsheet of company initiatives, stats, and stories that mirror CEC goals
    • Improved stats in 2015 TSF Jobs Census
    • Successful SPI Jobs Fair on Sept 15 with large SEIA member HR staff participation
    • Communications plan for CEC
    • Guide SEIA staff to obtain academic and media coverage of “co-benefits”—comms working group?
    • Work with SEIA staff to develop fact sheets & other materials summarizing “co-benefits”
    • Website area for collecting data on benefits, esp multiplier effect of solar savings, in LMI communities.
  • LI Policy coordination:
    • Develop a list of potential coordination policies in play (fed/state).  E.g. Sanders/Cardenas federal bill, possible SB 350 amend in CA, what else?
    • Determine where to sign SEIA on to leg/reg oppies and coordinate with bill sponsors
    • Develop sample policies for 111d SIPs and 2016 advocacy
  • Workforce Devt:
    • Feedback to DOE and DOD on hiring practices to help refine Solar Ready Vets training
    • Best practices and resources list for SEIA members to increase hiring of women, diversity, and veterans
    • Develop a list of options for funding good related groups; post it on SEIA website?
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