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A Clean Energy Vision for 2021 & the 117th Congress


The United States faces a momentous election in 2020. Regardless of the outcome, 2021 will be a pivotal time for the federal government to take steps that increase the deployment of renewable energy, address climate change, and create economic opportunity nationwide. The onset of COVID-19 has brought into sharp relief the need for long-term thinking on workforce development, infrastructure, resilience, equity and economic recovery. The U.S. can address all of these needs by investing in a clean, affordable electricity system. 

There is no single policy that will ensure the U.S. achieves a clean energy future. As such, this document outlines a suite of policies, encompassing both executive and legislative actions, that can put us on a path to 100% renewable energy. It is important to note that while a comprehensive federal carbon policy or clean energy standard is a critical component of this agenda, a successful transition to a carbon-free economy will depend on the regulatory changes and infrastructure programs contained in this vision. 

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