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MA SREC II Factor Extension Announcement 3/22/17




Dear Solar Stakeholder,


The Department of Energy Resources has finalized the SREC Factors to be applied to those SREC II projects that seek a good cause construction deadline extension through the start of the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) program.  


All Solar Carve-out II Renewable Generation Units that currently have a Statement of Qualification and have not yet obtained an extension as of today will have their Statements of Qualification revoked and have their application status changed to “rejected.” Once rejected, these applicants may submit new applications for these facilities and seek extensions for good cause. Any extension obtained shall be effective until March 31, 2018 at the factors listed below. Facilities that can demonstrate that they are mechanically complete or commercially operational by a date later than March 31, 2018, but earlier than the effective date of the SMART program, will continue to have their SREC Factors reduced as prescribed in the SREC Factor Guideline.


Under the terms of the extension, a solar facility that:  

  1. Has not received an extension to the deadlines set forth in 225 CMR 14.05 (9)(s)4.a. prior to the effective date of the revised SREC Factor Guideline;
  2. receives an extension for good cause pursuant to 225 CMR 14.05(9)(s)4.c.; and
  3. can demonstrate that they are mechanically complete or commercially operational by March 31, 2018 will receive the SREC Factors identified in the following table, pursuant to the SREC Factor Guideline.


Market Sector

SREC Factor







Managed Growth


NOTE: SREC II systems with a capacity equal to or less than 25 kW DC will still receive an SREC Factor of 0.8, provided the facility receives its authorization to interconnect before the effective date of the SMART program.


To qualify for a good cause extension, an applicant must submit a new application through DOER’s online Statement of Qualification Application. The applicant must then fill out the SREC II Good Cause Extension Request Form, and email the form to with the subject line “SREC II Reduced Factor Good Cause Extension Request”.



If you have any questions on this extension, send them to



Michael Judge

Director, Renewable and Alternative Energy Division

Department of Energy Resources  




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