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NY PSC Updates 3/9/17


As you may have seen in the news this morning, yesterday Gov. Cuomo announced Greg Sayre will be interim PSC chair. The roll out has been a little confusing. But the way I understand it, Tom Congdon will be running the Department on day-to-day basis. Sayre will run the Commission. I’m told this arrangement will only last for a short time, as new Commissioners will soon be brought on board.$File/pr17015.pdf?OpenElement

Yesterday, NY Politico Pro reported that Tom Congdon, a long-time energy staffer in the Executive Chamber under Governors Spitzer, Patterson & Cuomo, will be serving as deputy PSC chair. The PSC chair has the ability to appoint a deputy chair in the event of the chair’s absence or disability.  Tom is very knowledgeable and has been serving as executive deputy at the DPS for more than a year. 

This should ease some of the concerns about PSC business slowing down considerably after Audrey Zibelman’s departure later this month.



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