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PV Recycling Update 7.11.12


Dear PV Recycling Working Group,


Due to our short agenda, were sending out an email summary in lieu of a call.  Please feel free to call or email at anytime to discuss the agenda items, or other topics.


  1. CA-DTSC Regulations – According to the CA-DSTC website, the regulations should be ready for official release in mid-July.  We’ll work to keep everyone updated as the regulations progress.

  2. PV Recycling KPIs for Solar Commitment – The Environmental & Social Responsibility Working Group continues to develop the KPIs, and will coordinate with the PV Recycling Working Group when discussing the PV Recycling KPIs at a later date.

  3. PV Recycling White Paper – We are continuing to draft the white paper, and prepare the draft for your review.  Expect a draft for review within the next few weeks, after which we will plan a webinar/call to discuss the draft.  We will also review timing for the meeting, and release of the paper.


Thanks for your work and support of these projects!  If you have questions/comments, please feel free to call.


Thanks, Christine

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