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Released Oct 15, 2014

solar means business reportBusiness leaders in America’s brightest, most competitive companies are increasingly choosing to install solar energy systems at their facilities. For the third year in a row, not only are more businesses choosing solar, but those that have used solar in the past are doing so again and again on rooftops across America. Walmart, Kohl’s, Costco, Apple, IKEA and more have all embraced solar energy. 

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Key takeaways: 

  • The top U.S. companies in terms of solar capacity have more than 569 MW of solar PV at 1,110 different facilities as of August 2014 – preventing the emission of an estimated 550,000 metric tons of damaging carbon each year.        
  • The average price of a completed commercial PV project in Q2 2014 has dropped by 14 percent year over year and by more than 45 percent since 2012.
  • For commercial users, average electricity rates have increased more than 20 percent in 10 years, moving from $0.08/kWh to more than $0.10/kWh.
  • As of August 2014, the companies reviewed for this report have installed 28 percent more solar capacity since last year’s version of Solar Means Business (445 MW) and more than doubled the amount in 2012’s report (279 MW).
  • Walmart remains in the top spot, adding another 15 MW in the past year. Target moved from 16th to 8th with the addition of 15 new solar systems.
  • The top U.S. solar companies completed  installations in in 33 states and Puerto Rico, including three new states over the past year – Delaware, Rhode Island and Missouri
  • In total, 129 million people – 41 percent of all Americans – live within 20 miles of at least one of the 1,110 commercial solar installations analyzed in this report.

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commercial solar installationReflective of the growing popularity and increasing growth of solar nationwide, many of America’s leading Fortune 100 companies continue to significantly ramp up their use of clean solar energy, according to the 3rd annual Solar Means Business more

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commercial solar installation179 million people in 33 states and Puerto Rico live within 20 miles of at least one of the 1,110 commercial solar installations that were analyzed in this report. Expore photos of the installations at corporate retail sites, factories and data centers...see them all

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map of solar companiesAs of mid-2014, there were 4,531 MW of commercial solar PV installed on 41,803 business, non-profit and government locations throughout the U.S.  See where the top corporations in the U.S. have installed solar...see the map

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