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Solar & Storage Supply Chain Dashboard


The United States needs a robust, resilient, reliable and competitive supply chain for solar energy and energy storage components in order to meet climate goals, reduce carbon pollution, create U.S. jobs, and build a modern energy system. Supporting the build-out of this supply chain is one of SEIA’s top priorities.

SEIA built and maintains this resource to track progress and help build a fertile ecosystem of manufacturers and suppliers. Installers and manufacturers alike can use this data to help identify domestic suppliers of the goods and materials they need. Likewise, suppliers can use this data to identify prospective upstream customers for their products, materials and services.

Tracking the Buildout of the U.S. Solar Supply Chain

With this map, you can filter by product type and facility status, as well as create a drive-time radius from any map point to explore geographic distances to potential customers or suppliers. To view this map in fullscreen mode, click here. You can also submit information regarding additions or corrections to the data on this map using this form

Summary by Component

Note that sums here may exceed what is shown in the map. Totals include capacities of planned factories that do not have announced locations (and thus cannot be mapped) as well as some planned factories that have not yet been publicly announced.

Full Table of Facilities & Announcements

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Location TypeStatusCompany NameHQ CountryStateCategoryProductTechnologyCapacityConstruction Start DateCommercial Operation Date
Location TypeStatusCompany NameHQ CountryStateCategoryProductTechnologyCapacityConstruction Start DateCommercial Operation Date

We provide this data and map as-is and do not guarantee its accuracy or completeness. It is meant for informational purposes only. The user of the data assumes the entire risk associated with its use of these data.  SEIA shall not be held liable for any use or misuse of the data described and/or contained herein.  The user of the data bears all responsibility in determining whether these data are fit for its intended use.

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