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Technical Documents - Solar Codes & Standards


Through the SEIA Codes & Standards Working Group, SEIA monitors and participates in the development of product standards and building codes in the solar industry. To this end, we will house technical reference documents that provide critical information and promote transparency in the industry. 

ICC Group B Code Proposals Public Comments to SEIA Proposals RB336-16 and RB337-16

Where photovoltaic panel systems are installed on buildings that require Class A, B, or C roof assemblies or roof coverings by IRC Section R902.1 (or by IBC Section 1505.1), the PV panel systems must also have a fire classification that is not less than the fire classification required for the building, in conformance with IRC Section R902.4 (or by IBC Section 1505.9). 

The fire test protocol for PV system fire classification is established in the UL 1703 standard. Presently, the UL 1703 standard does not include any fire classification test protocol specific to PV systems installed over noncombustible roof coverings such as clay or concrete tile or metal roof panels. In the current UL 1703 standard, PV systems intended to be installed over noncombustible roof coverings must be tested over combustible asphalt shingles. 

As Chair of the SEIA Codes & Standards Working Group, Joe Cain submitted proposals for the International Residential Code to create exceptions to fire classification testing for photovoltaic panel systems installed over noncombustible roof coverings. In the first round of code hearings, SEIA proposals RB336-16 and RB337-16 were disapproved by the IRC-Building Committee. SEIA has submitted public comments to modify these proposals to seek Approval As Modified at the ICC Group B Public Comment (final) Hearings. The Intertek/ATI test report provides part of the technical substantiation for these proposals and the public comment modifications


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