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The Truth About "Termination for Convenience"


This Webinar is Public: Open to SEIA members and non-members

Originally recorded Thursday, October 2, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. EDT

Some developers are all too familiar with termination for convenience (T4C) requirements in federal renewable energy projects.  Some avoid federal projects because of T4C alone, while some lenders feel T4C conflicts with common financial underwriting assumptions. But are they right? As the Obama Administration ramps up federal solar use, this webinar features experts from the U.S. Navy well-versed in federal solar procurement best practices. They will clarify federal T4C issues and common misperceptions, while explaining how the impact of federal T4C differs substantially from similar provisions in private deals ... and may not be as problematic as some think...


Jermaine Hector, Senior Contracting Officer, Naval Facilities Engineering Command

Tom Kimbis, Vice-President of Executive Affairs, SEIA (Moderator)


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