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WEBINAR: Solar Codes Development: Introduction to the Practice and the Process


Regardless of your company’s place in the value chain, codes and standards impact your solar business. This webinar is the first in a series of three webinars that will help you understand the role codes & standards play in your delivery of solar goods and services.

This webinar will cover the basic structure of how the relevant solar regulatory codes are developed and adopted.  An overview of the relevant code-making organizations, the solar-related provisions in the relevant codes such as the National Electrical Code, the ICC codes and the like and how you can get involved will be covered.  Also discussed is how these codes are adopted, impacting your products and installations in different settings.

If you are looking to understand how these requirements are created, how to stay informed of developments and how to get engaged through SEIA, this webinar will help you build that knowledge and understand the impact of codes on your business.

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