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SEIA Membership Levels

SEIA offers different levels of membership to fit the needs of all types and sizes of businesses in the solar industry. If you are interested in driving policy at the state or federal level, staying informed as you explore new markets, or growing your business through increased exposure and networking opportunities, a SEIA Regional Manager can help you determine which membership level best fits your needs. To contact the membership team and learn more, click here

Event discounts for RE+ Events and other SEIA events are only available at Premium Level Membership - Watt level and above.   Fees below are annual costs.

Basic Level Membership does not include event discounts.

Basic Membership - $900

SEIA members at the basic level have access to a variety of resources and networking opportunities that can elevate your company’s profile and get you the tools you need to succeed. Includes access to the SEIA Solar Tax Manual, members-only webinars, presentations and solar advocacy toolkits.  Basic Level Member Benefits.

Watt Membership - $5,000

Watt level SEIA members have access to deep discounts to SEIA and RE+Events, a dedicated account manager that helps them navigate their relationship with staff experts, and participation on a variety of committees and working groups, including Codes & Standards, PURPA, and Community Engagement.   Watt Level Member Benefits.

Kilowatt Membership - $16,000

This level provides companies with all basic and watt-level membership benefits, plus access and participation in several special committees including: Tax & Finance, Public Relations and Siting & Permitting. As a kilowatt member, you are making an important contribution to critical lobbying and communications efforts that drive the solar industry forward.  Kilowatt Level Member Benefits.

Kilowatt Plus Membership - $40,000

The Kilowatt Plus membership is considered our Regional Affairs membership. Members at this level enjoy access to the above committees plus access to the state and regional committees in one of the following regions: Northeast:  NY, MA (Northeast Committee); : NJ, PA (Mid-Atlantic Committee); South: VA, NC, SC, GA, TN, MS, AL, & FL (Southeast Committee); Midwest: IL, MI, TX, MN, WI, OH, IN & IN (Midwest Committee); West: CA (CA Committee) AZ, CO, NV, OR, UT & NM (Intermountain West Committee). For many, state and regional agencies are where the action is, and having a hand in these policy battles is critically important.  Kilowatt Plus Member Level Benefits.

Megawatt Membership - $66,000

At the megawatt level, you are a player in solar industry lobbying. This level is for companies that want to be on the inside track of state and federal policy issues and have their eyes and ears on Washington, D.C. Megawatt membership is the opportunity to position yourself among the most proactive solar companies. Members can choose to sit on as many state and federal committees as they would like, while gaining the unique opportunity to keep their finger on the pulse of policy issues that will affect solar business development and growth. This is your exclusive opportunity to make sure SEIA is considering your priorities. You can save your company time and money by having SEIA’s experts help do the work for you!  Megawatt Level Member Benefits.

Gigawatt Membership - $100,000

For companies looking for premium access to industry players and important networking opportunities, the Gigawatt level is an invaluable tool. This tier provides access to SEIA’s Consumer Protection committee, free registrations for key industry events, a complimentary subscription to the U.S Solar Market Insight report series, and more. Gigawatt level members are also invited to attend SEIA’s annual policy summit, an event that convenes solar executives and thought leaders for long-term strategic planning.  Gigawatt Level Member Benefits.

Terawatt Membership - $190,000

This is the premiere level of SEIA membership. Terawatt-level membership provides you and your company with the opportunity to directly influence the policy and operations of the only national trade association exclusively advocating for the solar industry. You will have a seat on the SEIA Board of Directors and the voting authority to directly guide the future of the solar industry on the state and federal levels, position your company among industry movers and shakers, and gain a chance to network with the top solar companies in the industry. In addition, members at this level receive a variety of other benefits, including a free subscription to the SEIA/GTM Research U.S. Solar Market Insight™ reports, free registrations to all SEIA events and access to other exclusive Terawatt-level benefits.  Terawatt Level Member Benefits.

For a full list of committees and divisions available to different levels of membership, contact the SEIA membership team.

SEIA Committees and Working Groups

committees and working groups flow chart