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Solar Power: Becoming America's Energy

A vast majority of Americans want to see more solar deployment in the U.S. - and the reasons are clear. Cleaner air, more jobs, and lower costs drive support for solar. Scroll down to find out why Americans support solar, and what the solar industry can do to continue pushing forward.


Strong Messaging for a Growing Industry

The solar industry is at an inflection point. We can no longer operate in a vacuum and assume that policy environments will allow us to grow without challenges. For distributed solar, that means we have to work harder to sell our products to consumers who are getting bad information from well-funded and aggressive opposition campaigns. For utility-scale solar, we are directly competing with traditional fuel sources on price alone - and we pose a serious threat to established energy industries.

Every policy battle we engage in, and every customer acquisition strategy, depends on compelling messaging to move people from passive support to positive action. That's why SEIA is focusing on building, refining, and utilizing compelling messages for the entire industry. To that end, we commissioned a poll from Global Strategy Group to identify what arguments are convincing for the general public to support solar.

2018 Solar Messaging Survey


Americans across the board support more solar deployment, and rank solar higher than any other fuel source. 


Solar polls best with those who under the age of 45, especially on issues relating to Renewable Portfolio Standards.


Education and knowledge of the issues is directly related to support for solar. Not only are college-educated Americans more supportive of solar, when presented with information about solar energy, poll respondents were far more likely to agree with statements about the benefits of solar.