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Evelyn Butler

Evelyn Butler

Vice President of Technical Services

As Vice President of Technical Services, Evelyn leads SEIA’s work on various efforts that provide support and advocacy on a range of technical issues that must be solved to facilitate solar’s continued rapid deployment and mitigate business risks for members. This includes engagement in the improvement of model codes and product standards to enable flexibility and innovation while promoting safety and quality, and reducing regulatory burden. 

She is responsible for SEIA’s achievement as an ANSI-accredited standards developer status and leads the team working on a number of solar and energy storage process and practice standards. She was an early designer and supporter of SolarAPP+, a joint DOE/NREL and industry-led software platform that hastens permitting without sacrificing safety or compliance. She serves as Treasurer of the SolarAPP Foundation, the transferee license holder of the software.  Lastly, she leads SEIA’s ESG strategy and efforts to ensure socially and environmentally responsible supply chains and sustainable end-of-life strategies for solar hardware, including establishing the only national recycling partnership program in the U.S.

Evelyn joined SEIA after over 25 years at UL LLC (Underwriters Laboratories Inc., now UL Solutions) spending the last her 12 years there in international renewables business management with P&L responsibility.  Evelyn was instrumental in building UL’s solar business globally, managing business strategy and service portfolio development, and she held roles in international, regional and national business management, sales and marketing, and testing / certification.  Evelyn has a BA in Social Sciences from UC Berkeley and Executive Education in Leadership and Innovation from Yale University’s School of Management and the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. She is currently pursuing graduate education in Sustainability at the Stanford Center for Professional Development.