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SEIA Strategic Vision

Our Goals Include:
  • Solar will represent 20% of America’s annual electricity generation by 2030.
  • Solar will represent the largest source of new electricity generation annually. 
  • Solar will be installed on more than 14 million rooftops throughout the United States by 2030.
  • By 2050, at least 300 GW of solar thermal will be installed in the United States. Smart and effective solar heating and cooling policies can create new American jobs, stimulate the U.S. economy and protect the environment.
  • Solar will continue to provide quality jobs for hundreds of thousands of Americans.  
  • Solar’s impact will be more diversified as the industry joins a collaborative effort towards the “electrification of everything.”
  • Solar will enhance America’s energy and national security through diversification of energy resources, strengthening our electricity infrastructure providing resiliency to the grid, powering military bases and other means.
  • The solar workforce and the consumers it serves will better reflect American diversity.

Strategy #1: Ensure that Existing Solar Markets Remain Open and Robust, While Opening New Ones

Tactics Include:
  • Defend the Investment Tax Credit
  • Ensure free and fair trade policy
  • Defend existing state-level policies, advocate for new ones

Strategy #2: Reform Electricity Markets to Better Enable Solar Use at Highest Values

Tactics Include:
  • Solar, storage and other DERs need more open access to grid
  • Work with utilities to embrace the grid of the future: find solutions that are mutually beneficial
  • Promote competitive market structures

Strategy #3: Represent Solar Nationally, Including as the Voice of and Market Research Center for the Industry

Tactics Include:
  • The solar story will not be told by solar voices alone
  • Defining and refining the solar brand
  • Using all forms of media is critical, expanding our reach into local and online spaces

Strategy #4: Ensure SEIA Continually Evolves to Offer Value to its Members and Grow Revenue to Support its Activities

Tactics Include:
  • Add firepower to our advocacy and communications efforts, to represent the industry in a more forceful way
  • Conduct research to better understand solar company needs
  • Innovate in the services and benefits we offer members
  • Foster growth of Solar Power International and other regional events