Solar Helping To Fight Climate Change

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The latest report released by SEIA/GTM, the Solar Market Insight Year in Review 2013, shows solar expanded rapidly last year to nearly 13 GW of installations in the U.S. – enough to power nearly 2.2 million homes.

As Senate Democrats launch an overnight "talkathon" today to draw attention to climate change, the solar industry offers a smart, proven way to create new American jobs, help the U.S. economy and protect our environment.

The rapid growth of solar in the U.S. has created 143,000 jobs at 6,100 businesses all across the nation. In fact, more solar has been installed in the U.S. in the last 18 months than in the 30 previous years combined. That’s a remarkable record of achievement.

In 2013, a new solar project was installed in the US. every 4 minutes. These installations have reduced carbon emissions by 13.5 million metric tons annually, equivalent to taking 2.8 million vehicles off the road or shuttering 4 coal-fired power plants.

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