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Consumer Protection

SEIA is working to ensure that consumer protection is at the forefront of the solar industry. We are developing resources designed to safeguard customer rights, providing a forum for members of the press, governments and other stakeholders to access materials relevant to consumer protection, and establishing pro-competitive guidelines for the solar industry to enhance consumer protection. Click on the images below to access portals designed for your specific needs.

Please continue to check back as SEIA's Consumer Protection Committee develops additional tools for your use.


If you are a member of the press and would like to speak with a SEIA spokesperson about consumer protection issues, please contact SEIA at 202-682-0556 or email

Consumer Protection Voices

Consumer Protection is vital to the solar industry's success and future growth. Hear from industry leaders about this new initiative and what it means for solar. 

"Across America, solar power is providing a cleaner, more affordable alternative to electricity generated by coal and gas—and the number of solar homes is rapidly increasing. The solar industry has worked hard to develop best practices for technology performance, warranties, contracts, financing terms for solar products, and SEIA’s new guide to residential solar provides consumers a transparent look at the most important things to consider when choosing a solar option."
Lyndon Rive
CEO, SolarCity
"Today, demand for solar is stronger than ever because consumers are realizing significant savings while promoting the use of clean, renewable power in their communities. My best advice to those considering solar is to insist on high performance solar technology that provides a great return on your investment, and find an experienced, knowledgeable dealer to install it."
Tom Werner
CEO, SunPower
"The solar industry is committed to consumer protection and transparency. Solar companies rely on referrals and consistent payments for financed solar systems, so it is in our own best interest to protect consumers and provide them with a positive experience."
Nick Mack
General Counsel, Spruce Finance
Co-Chair, SEIA Consumer Protection Committee
"With solar fast becoming a top go-to choice for home investments for Americans, ensuring consumers have the information they need to make a sound financial decision is critical."
Andrew Savage
Chief Strategy Officer, AllEarth Renewables



Overview Fact Sheet

Click here to download a two page summary of SEIA's efforts to protect solar consumers

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