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Solar Tax Manual

SEIA Guide to Federal Tax Incentives for Solar Energy

The SEIA Guide to Federal Tax Incentives for Solar Energy is a regularly updated resource created to guide you and your customers through the federal tax benefits for solar. This detailed guide is a SEIA members-only benefit. Learn more about becoming a SEIA member.

Highlights Include:
  • The effects of sequestration cuts on the 1603 Treasury Program grants
  • Update on cost basis disputes and litigation involving the 1603 Treasury Program
  • Clarification on when tax credits can be claimed on battery storage
  • Using real estate investment trusts and securitizations as a way of raising cheaper capital for solar projects
  • Additional information on federal renewable energy financing programs

SEIA’s Guide is authored by Keith Martin, a partner at the law firm of Chadbourne & Parke LLP. 

Edition 7.0 was released September 9, 2013.
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