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Antitrust Policy


The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) is committed to strict compliance with all Federal and state laws and regulations, and to the highest ethical standards in the way we conduct our operations. This includes strict compliance with federal and state antitrust laws, to protect and enhance our country’s free, competitive economy.

You are Responsible for your Antitrust Compliance

Compliance with the antitrust laws is serious. Antitrust violations may result in heavy fines for corporations, and in fines and imprisonment for individuals. While SEIA may provide guidance on antitrust matters, you bear the ultimate responsibility for assuring that your actions comply with the antitrust laws.

SEIA’s Antitrust Guidelines

Use the following guidelines to avoid any discussions or conduct that might violate or appear to violate U.S. antitrust laws.

Consult with antitrust counsel about any documents or data that could raise antitrust issues, such as information about prices, production, or any proposed action that may disadvantage customers or competitors.

Consult with antitrust counsel on any non-routine correspondence that requests an SEIA member company to participate in projects or programs with others, collect data for such activities, or otherwise join other member companies in SEIA actions.

Follow an approved agenda. Have counsel review the agenda and minutes of the meeting before they are put into final form and circulated.

Refrain from communicating – either directly or indirectly -- with other member companies about:

  • Any company’s (including your own) prices for products or services
  • Discounts, credit terms, other terms of sale, profit margins or anything else that might affect prices
  • Allocating markets, customers, territories or products with your competitors
  • Bids for, or solicitations of, particular customers or business
  • Limiting production
  • Any company’s (including your own) inventory, capacity, or production
  • Whether or not, or how, to deal with any other company
  • Any marketing or production plans or other competitively sensitive information concerning your own company or a competitor

Leave any meeting or other gathering if these discussions are taking place and do note your objection to the discussion.

Refrain from taking notes or creating any documents or records that might be misinterpreted to suggest that SEIA condones or is involved in anticompetitive behavior.

Ask SEIA Staff If You Have Any Questions

Whenever you have any question about whether particular SEIA activities might raise antitrust problems, please contact us immediately. You can also download a PDF of SEIA's antitrust guidelines by clicking here