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We work hard every day to build a strong solar industry to power America, but we can't do it alone. Find out what you can do to support the growth of solar energy in the United States.

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There are many ways to get involved and support the growth of solar in the U.S. Here are some actions you can take.

Hot Solar Summer is Here!

The President and Congress have an historic opportunity this year to address the climate crisis, create well-paying jobs and grow the economy by passing an infrastructure package that includes strong solar policies. But this once-in-a-generation opportunity requires the solar industry and our partners to keep the pressure on our elected officials to prioritize clean energy. This toolkit will provide you with everything you need to advocate for strong clean energy policies!


The U.S. solar industry operates in a complex regulatory environment that depends on smart, consistent policies at the national and state level. One way SEIA can be an effective public policy advocate for the solar industry is through a strong and vibrant PAC. As a maturing industry, we have a responsibility to support policymakers who will back pro-solar policies and provide financial contributions to the political campaigns of key policymakers.