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SEIA Honored with 2021 Green Power Leadership Award for Market Development

Tuesday, Sep 28 2021


Today the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) unveiled the Green Power Leadership Awards (GPLA) to recognize outstanding achievements in the clean energy marketplace. This year, the GPLAs honored SEIA as a winner in their Market Development category. 

The award recognizes the leadership of SEIA President and CEO Abigail Ross Hopper and her dedication to grow the solar market despite the impacts of the pandemic. As a result of Ms. Hopper’s leadership, SEIA secured essential work status for the solar industry, helping to keep more than 231,000 Americans on the payroll in 2020. Ms. Hopper also successfully negotiated a two-year extension of the solar Investment Tax Credit, a critical tool that has helped the industry grow and create jobs. As a result of this extension, the solar industry experienced a 17% increase in its deployment forecast for 2021-2025.

Together, these achievements demonstrate SEIA’s commitment to move the renewable energy market forward no matter what obstacles stand in the way.

Despite these promising trends, there are several challenges that lay ahead. Recent trade actions are now threatening this growth and could exacerbate supply chain constraints and increase solar prices. 

Ms. Hopper will continue to be a driving force behind the industry’s response to these challenges and recently unveiled a bold new vision for solar to comprise 30% of U.S. electricity generation by 2030

Under Ms. Hopper’s leadership, SEIA will continue to fight for policies that spur jobs in every community and grow reliable, affordable solar power. 

SEIA thanks the GPLAs for recognizing Ms. Hopper’s efforts to advance the renewable energy economy. 

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