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Renewable Energy Associates


Renewable Energy Associates (REA) specializes in consultation, design, commissioning, operations and maintenance (O&;M) and educational services focused on residential and commercial photovoltaics. Our services include initial site analysis and project feasibility, complete permit and construction plan sets (including electrical wiring diagrams and mechanical attachment details) and assistance in system commissioning and evaluation of system performance. Industry-related trainings on latest equipment, applicable codes and installation practices are also available. We regularly have articles featured in Home Power and Solar Pro magazines on industry specific topics.
Renewable Energy Associate’s principal has over 17 years’ experience in the renewable energy industry with design, specification and installation experience on a wide variety of project types and sizes. REA staff has significant experience in both PV installation and designed, allowing for our staff to recognize critical items during the design phase as they relate to the equipment installation and long-term performance. REA was founded in 2007 and operates out of Corvallis, OR.

1220 NW Kings Blvd