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Solar-Ray, Inc.


Solar Ray, Inc. is dedicated to providing superior solar installation, technical and management services to our customers. We strive to implement long term relationships with our clients based on safety, quality, timely service and anticipation of their needs. Only Solar-Ray has the experience and expertise to provide systems that often outperform rated power. All systems installed are fully permitted and passed final inspections. The founder and owner of Solar-Ray, Michael Brown, is the second individual that has qualified and received the nationally recognized NABCEP Certification for Photo Voltaic in the State of Florida. Our systems are FSEC Certified and designed to work as a single unit or multiple applications. We are committed to superior customer service and the important goal of offering the best Photovoltaic equipment available at the lowest price possible. We supply systems approved by the Florida Solar Energy Center. •100% customer satisfaction •Commercial or residential •Straight grid tied systems •Grid tied systems with UPS system •Stand alone AC and DC systems •Active and influential in local, State, and National policy regarding renewable energy.

6007 Anno Ave.