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Interconnection Standard for Large-Scale Solar, Wind, and Energy Storage

Event Detail

This joint webcast for developers and equipment manufacturers of large-scale solar, wind, and energy storage plants will provide an update on the IEEE 2800, IEEE Standard for Interconnection and Interoperability of Inverter-Based Resources (IBRs) Interconnecting with Associated Transmission Electric Power Systems.

The technical minimum requirements specified in 2800 for the interconnection of large-scale, transmission- and sub-transmission-connected inverter-based resources are important elements in the North American and international framework to maintain the reliability of the bulk power system with increasing amounts of IBRs, including those radially connected via VSC-HVDC facilities to the grid. The IEEE SASB has recently approved and published IEEE 2800-2022.

This webinar aims to review the purpose and scope of the published standard along with selected final requirements; and to provide leading examples for IEEE 2800 adoption by IBR owners/operators, developers, and equipment manufacturers, followed by time for Q&A. More information on 2800 is available at

Cost: FREE for SEIA members and non members


1. Opening Remarks

  • Jeremiah Miller (SEIA)
  • Michele Myers-Mihelic (ACP)

2. A brief review of purpose, scope & applicability of the IEEE 2800-2022

3. High-level review of selected requirements

  • Active Power – Frequency Control
  • Reactive Power – Voltage Control
  • Low Short-Circuit Power
  • Power Quality
  • Ride-Through Capability & Performance
  • IBR Protection
  • Modeling & Validation, Measurement Data, and Performance Monitoring
  • Tests and Verification

4. Potential adoption of 2800 in North America

5. Comments by OEMs and developers

6. Q&A (15 minutes)