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Nationwide PII Transparency from NREL Analysis

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Join SEIA and NREL on Wednesday, March 31st as the National Renewable Energy Laboratory launches the Solar Time-based Residential Analytics and Cycle time Estimator (Solar TRACE) for rooftop solar permitting, inspection, and interconnection (PII) tool. Solar TRACE will strengthen the ability for jurisdictions to identify opportunities to improve their permitting, inspection, and interconnection (PII) cycle-time. During this webinar, NREL will summarize the data collected and related analysis it has conducted around PII including cycle times, delays, and opportunities for streamlining PII processes in the future. 

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  • Evelyn Butler, Vice President of Technical Services, SEIA
  • Jeff Cook, Renewable Energy Policy and Market Analyst, NREL
  • Emily Fekete, Renewable Energy Market & Policy Analyst, NREL
  • Jesse Cruce, Research Analyst, NREL


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Los Angeles vs. San Diego permit approval time difference

While the cities of Los Angeles and San Diego both have adopted online permitting systems, it still takes up to 2 weeks for approval in San Diego, compared to the same-day instant approvals in Los Angeles. On the interconnection side, San Diego Gas and Electric does not require pre-install approval to build, while the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power requires about two weeks for approval. These trade-offs between permitting and interconnection approval times can be understood using Solar TRACE.