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WEBINAR: Solar API: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started

Event Detail

Join us for a webinar to learn about the value of implementing the Solar API from Google Maps Platform for your business. This webinar will discuss the benefits of the Solar API for solar installers, SaaS developers and marketplace websites, including:

•    Increased efficiency and reduced costs
•    Improved customer service
•    Enhanced coverage and reliability
•    Accelerated adoption of solar energy

Feedback from solar installers and developers who have successfully implemented the Solar API will be presented.

Who Should Attend:

•    Solar installers
•    Solar SaaS developers
•    System integrators
•    Energy service companies
•    Anyone interested in learning more about the Solar API

Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about the true value of implementing the Solar API!


Additional Benefits:

•    Increased efficiency and reduced costs: The Solar API can help solar installers and developers to reduce on-site visits needed for quotations. This can lead to significant cost savings and increased efficiency.
•    Improved customer service: The Solar API can help solar installers and developers provide better customer service by providing customers with reliable information on their solar potential. This can help customers to troubleshoot problems quickly and easily, and to make the most of their solar investment.
•    Accelerated adoption of solar energy: The Solar API can help to accelerate conversions by providing solar installers and SaaS developers the data needed to deploy solar projects faster..


The Solar API offers a number of benefits for both solar installers, SaaS developers and marketplace websites. By implementing the Solar API, businesses can improve their efficiency, reduce costs, provide better customer service, enhance reliability, and accelerate the adoption of solar energy.


  • Lisa Lovallo Ceppos, Google Maps Environment & Sustainability Lead, Google
  • Saleem Van Groenou, Product Manager, Environmental Insights Explorer & Solar, Google
  • Iris Stein, Product Marketing Manager, Google
  • Tuvia Alon, Customer Engineer, Google



Cost: Free for SEIA members and FREE for non-members

Sponsored by Google