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Advocate for Solar to #RebuildBetter

SEIA is advocating for policies that support solar companies through the COVID-19 crisis, and position the clean energy industry to lead the U.S. out of this economic recession. Scroll down for ways you can get involved.

Additional Ways to Get Involved

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The Chorus of Support for Rebuilding Better with Solar Energy

It's not just solar companies that recognize the potential of clean energy to lead our economic recovery. Elected officials, Fortune 50 corporations, environmental advocates, and many other key voices have sent messages to Congress that the path to #RebuildBetter starts with supporting solar.

Congressional Letters Supporting Clean Energy in COVID-19 Recovery

SEIA is actively working with partners and our members to provide information and recommendations to Members of Congress regarding the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on our workers, and how the federal government can help save solar jobs. These coalitions have formalized their support through letters to leadership in the House and Senate, urging them to include policies that support solar and clean energy as they prepare legislation to address the pandemic. 

Many lawmakers have joined this effort as well, with broad coalitions in the House and Senate sending letters advocating for policies that support renewable energy industries: