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Advocate for Solar to #RebuildBetter

SEIA is advocating for policies that support solar companies through the COVID-19 crisis, and position the clean energy industry to lead the U.S. out of this economic recession. Scroll down for ways you can get involved.

Add Your Company to the Solar Industry Sign-on Letter

The SEIA team in Washington, D.C. is working with our members, allies and advocates to educate members of Congress about the challenges facing solar companies during COVID-19 and the opportunity to #RebuildBetter with solar energy. It's critical that lawmakers hear from solar employers in their states and districts. Add your company to our letter urging Congress to prioritize solar and clean energy as they enter negotiations for the next package of legislation in response to COVID-19. 

Tell Your Story

The most powerful voice in our fight for solar policies during this crisis is yours. Fill out this form to submit quotes, photos and videos that we will use in our efforts to educate members of Congress about the impacts of COVID-19, and how clean energy can help rebuild America.

Help Us Evaluate the Impacts of COVID-19

As we work with policymakers who are developing recovery responses and legislation, it's critical that we have data on the impacts of this crisis to solar companies. Please continue to help us gather this information by filling out our industry survey.

Additional Ways to Get Involved

Has your company made donations to support COVID-19 relief efforts? Do you plan to?
Tell Your Story
Does your company submit monthly project-level data to EIA?
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