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Niner Wine Estates Powers 100% of Winery Operations With REC Solar

Tuesday, Oct 13 2015

Solar in the News
REC Solar announced the interconnection of two solar energy arrays totaling 388 kW at Niner Wine Estates in Paso Robles, California. Together, the systems will provide enough clean energy to power 100 percent of Niner’s 46-acre Heart Hill Vineyard, including the tasting room, restaurant and winery operations. Niner will save approximately $2 million over a 20-year period. Niner Wine Estates, located in the heart of California’s Central Coast wine region, is committed to integrating sustainability into every aspect of their operations. Accordingly, Niner sought to offset 100 percent of their electricity consumption with solar. To meet Niner’s ambitious net-zero goal, REC Solar analyzed Niner’s energy profile to size the roof and ground mounted systems accordingly.