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State Solar Policy

In January 2012, SEIA officially merged with the Solar Alliance, an advocacy organization working to establish solar policies at the state level. SEIA supports pro-solar policies at both the state and federal level, presenting a unified solar industry voice in all advocacy efforts.

Quarterly Updates

For a summary of accomplishments on the state level in 2016, click here. For a summary of our team's work on the Clean Power Plan and other activities in the Midwest, click here.

Solar State by State

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State Policy Priorities

1. Access to net metering and best practice rate design for distributed generation customers.
2. Inclusion of solar heating and cooling (SHC) to in state Renewable Portfolio Standards (“RPSs”).
3. Reduce soft costs - promote best practice interconnection and model permitting rules.
4. Maintain and improve cost-effective incentive programs, including tax credits/exemptions, rebates, and performance-based incentives.
5. Maintain and expand renewable portfolio standards or their equivalents, specifically DG and solar carve outs. Pursue recognition for solar’s capacity value and other grid/market benefit.
6. Increase investment vehicles and reduce risk- encourage long term financing and contracts for renewables; promote third party financing and power purchase agreements (between customers/developers and developers/utilities).