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Solar Means Business Photo Gallery

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179 million people in 33 states and Puerto Rico live within 20 miles of at least one of the 1,110 commercial solar installations that were analyzed in the Solar Means Business report. Expore photos of the installations at corporate retail sites, factories and data centers and share them with your friends! Publishers may use photos with credit. If you need high-res versions, please contact

Walmart tops the list of U.S. companies with installed solar energy, with more than 140 megawatts (MW) of installed capacity 
Photo credit: Walmart

The 2.7 MW solar array at FedEx's facility in Hagerstown, MD consists of nearly 9,000 individual modules and offsets 37% of their electricity demand
Photo credit: FedEx

This 3.5 MW solar system is located across the street from Snyder's of Hanover's manufacturing facility and generates enough energy to completely power their R&D Center next door as well as 30% of their daily energy use at the plant
Photo credit: Snyder's

REI's retail outlet in Tustin, CA is one of 26 co-op locations that generates its own power and is the first store that generates nearly as much electricity as it uses, thanks to this rooftop solar array
Photo credit: REI

Forever 21 has a 5.1 MW rooftop array located at their distribution center in Los Angeles, CA
Photo credit: PermaCity Solar

L'Oreal went solar at their Franklin, NJ plant with 1.2 MW in 2012 before adding an additional 500 kilowatts (kW) a year later
Photo credit: L'Oreal

General Motor's plant in White Marsh, MD has a number of environmentally friendly features, including this 1.8 MW solar array that powers approximately 6 percent of their annual energy consumption
Photo credit: General Motors

The solar carport at the Owens Corning headquarters in Toledo, OH has a total installed capacity of 2.4 MW
Photo credit: Owens Corning

The 850 solar panels installed at the Walgreens in Evanston, IL helped this retail establishment become a net-zero energy facility
Photo credit: Walgreens

Intel's campus in Folsom, CA includes two 1 MW ground-mounted solar arrays
Photo credit: Intel


Click on the thumbnails below to view larger versions of historical Solar Means Business Photos

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada.  
Photo credit: NRG Energy

GM solar canopy
Photo credit: General Motors

J.C. Penney Company, Inc., a leading American retailer, is piloting the use of renewable energy by installing solar power systems on nine stores in California and New Jersey.
Photo credit: SunPower

IKEA ranks in the top five among U.S. companies investing in solar energy.
Photo credit: IKEA

Macy’s Department Store
Photo credit: Macy’s

Solar installation at Concept2, the world's leading manufacturer of rowing equipment in Morrisville, VT.
Photo credit: AllEarth Renewables

Walmart Supercenter
Photo credit: Walmart

FedEx Distribution Facility
Photo credit: SunPower

Installers on the roof of Walmart
Photo credit: Walmart

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