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Webinar Series: Auxin Solar Panel Utilization Briefing and Discussion


This series of three webinars is related to the Auxin Solar circumvention inquiries, involving imports of solar modules and cells from Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, initiated in April 2022. Commerce issued its final affirmative circumvention determinations in August 2023, and established a certification regime for importers and exporters.

Pursuant to Presidential Proclamation 10414 and Commerce’s regulations implementing the Proclamation, importers can avoid duties on CSPV solar modules and cells from four SE Asian countries entered until June 6, 2024, as long as the imports are “utilized” in the US market within six months of the termination of the President’s Proclamation (ie, December 3, 2024).

Join us for this webinar series to learn about Commerce’s certification requirements applicable to importers and exporters, Commerce’s definition of “utilization”, documentation and compliance related to the utilization requirement, and the upcoming utilization deadline.

Register for each webinar with the links below:


  • Stacey J. Ettinger, Senior Vice President of Supply Chain & Trade, SEIA
  • Vanessa P. Sciarra, Vice President of Trade and International Competitiveness, ACP
  • Matthew R. Nicely, Partner, Akin
  • Kristin H. Mowry, Partner, Mowry & Grimson

Cost: Free for SEIA members and ACP members. Closed to press and non-members.