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Stacy Ettinger

Stacy J. Ettinger

Senior Vice President of Supply Chain and Trade

Stacy J. Ettinger is SEIA’s Senior Vice President of Supply Chain and Trade where she oversees SEIA’s policy and legal work on supply chain, trade, and sustainability efforts. She has over 25 years of experience advising U.S. and foreign businesses on policy, regulatory, and legal issues related to industrial policy, trade, and investment.

Prior to joining SEIA, Stacy was a partner in the global law firm K&L Gates, leading the firm’s international trade policy practice. She also served for over nine years as senior legal and policy advisor to Senator Chuck Schumer on trade, investment, and regulatory matters, as well as consumer protection issues.

Prior to her work in the United States Senate, Stacy spent 15 years at the U.S. Department of Commerce as a trade negotiator, legal and policy advisor, and litigator. During her time at Commerce she represented the United States in bilateral and multilateral trade negotiations, investigated and litigated unfair trade practices (dumping, subsidies), and managed complex federal rulemaking projects. Stacy also represented the United States in more than 30 appearances in WTO dispute settlement proceedings.