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SEIA PR Committee Call Notes- Sep.11, 2013

Wednesday, Sep 25 2013


SEIA PR Committee Call
September 11, 2013

Victoria Vestal, Trina
Cate Powers and Kelly Vendeland, Recurrent
Alison Mickey, Clean Power Finance
Ingrid Ekstrom, SunPower
Andrew Ponti, Sunrun
Jared Blanton, Brightsource
Susan Wise, Sunrun
Alison Lenthall, Abengoa
Judy Ash, Christine Bennet, Enphase
Ken Johnson, Susanna Murley, Steve Zuretti, Carrie Hitt, SEIA
Susan DeVico
Rosalind Jackson, Vote Solar
Philip Hall, Borrego

The bi-weekly meeting of SEIA PR committee call addresses several issues covering the following topics:

  • SEIA is currently working to recruit new members to PR Committee, compiling the solar heating and cooling roadmap, and looking for sponsorship for publications on advertorials. In addition, the Fortune supplement on solar will be published on Dec. 23.
  • SEIA emphasizes the importance of the fire safety issue, urging to begin dialogue with national firefighters union to alleviate the public concerns on the safety of solar panels.
  • SEIA decides to move forward with America Support Solar campaign. This will be a targeted and strategic campaign using messaging and facts aimed to promote the U.S. solar industry's position.
  • SEIA appreciates the final approval to AB327, and will work closely with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to ensure that California homeowners and businesses will continue to benefit from solar energy. 
  • SEIA is collaborating with SEIA members to address the Arizona issue on the leased systems being subjected to property tax.
  • Other issues relating to strategic communications plan, which include how to raise SEIA’s value for members and engage them in a way SEIA expects.