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Solar Industry Environmental & Social Responsibility Commitment


One of SEIA's top priorities is to help ensure a sustainable solar supply chain globally. In support of this mission, SEIA is taking proactive steps to promote environmental and social responsibility within the industry.

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All About SEIA's Environmental & Social Responsibility Commitment

The Solar Industry Commitment to Environmental and Social Responsibility, also referred to as the Solar Commitment, was finalized in 2013. The Solar Commitment is voluntary and details a set of solar industry guidelines which promote environmental and social responsibility. These guidelines include solar-specific and general best practice provisions regarding the environment, labor, ethics, health and safety, and management practices of the company.

The Solar Commitment may be adopted by companies throughout the solar supply chain. Companies that sign on to the Solar Commitment must provide an annual report on several key performance indicators under the Solar Commitment.  The Commitment was drafted with significant input from the solar industry, as well as external environmental regulation, labor and ethics experts.

Why Your Company Should Join the Solar Commitment

Joining the Solar Commitment can benefit solar energy industry companies through:

Enhanced Credibility
  • Signing on to the Solar Commitment shows a clear commitment to the issues, which enhances credibility and trust with investors, customers, and regulators, all of whom are increasingly looking for broad, objective measures of sustainability.
Furthered Efficiency and Innovation
  • Participation will help provide a roadmap for planning and resource allocation that will steer the company towards enhanced resource utilization, shared value, and governance. Fundamentally, this is a management tool aimed to build capacity for the company and its suppliers alike to more strategically and cost-effectively approach and execute sustainable business practices.
Strengthened Industry Influence
  • Participation "brings the company to the table," allowing it to be part of essential discussions shaping the future of sustainability for solar. This may hold keys to fruitful collaboration with peers and networks, as well as increase the chances for establishing powerful cross-sector alliances.
Demonstrated Leadership in Sustainability
  • The Solar Commitment will help ensure the solar industry remains truly sustainable.

Join us! Sign and mail the 2018-2019 Declaration of Support for the Solar Commitment!




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