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Friday, Nov 10, 2017

They Said It - The Solar Industry Trade Case

A variety of voices have come out in opposition to the Petition filed by Suniva and SolarWorld, advocating for trade policy that does not put tens of thousands of U.S. jobs at risk. From the Wall Street Journal to the American Legislative Exchange Council, the position is clear: no new solar tariffs. 

Monday, Jun 19, 2017

A Shared Vision of the 21st Century Grid

Below is a signed statement affirming a shared agenda for a 21st century electric grid. The statement has been signed by the American Council on Renewable Energy, the Biomass Power Association, the National Hydro Power Association, the American Biogas Council, the Energy Recovery Council, the Solar Energy Industries Association, the American Wind Energy Association, and the Geothermal Energy Association. 

Thursday, Mar 09, 2017

NY PSC Updates 3/9/17

As you may have seen in the news this morning, yesterday Gov. Cuomo announced Greg Sayre will be interim PSC chair. The roll out has been a little confusing. But the way I understand it, Tom Congdon will be running the Department on day-to-day basis. Sayre will run the Commission. I’m told this arrangement will only last for a short time, as new Commissioners will soon be brought on board.

Monday, Jan 09, 2017

LA County Draft Agreement (no longer in consideration) - FOR REFERENCE ONLY

Please do not distribute, this is a draft only and LA County agreed to move this to a guidelines document through SEAC.  For your reference only.

Thursday, Jan 05, 2017

Washington State - pre-filed House Bill 1048 from Rep. Morris (65th Legislature, 2017 Regular Session)

Subsequent pre-filed proposed legislation that includes provisions for PV recycling for the state of Washington.HB 1048 is scheduled for a hearing on Thursday, Jan. 12, at 1:30 pm Pacific time.  More information here:

Tuesday, Nov 08, 2016

Midwest Policy Update - November 2016

The Midwest is emerging as a vibrant new solar market thanks to innovation and investment at the local and regional levels. New companies continue to spring up throughout the region. A strong combination of falling costs, customer interest, and major policy development is supporting new investment and attracting the attention of major national solar companies.

Tuesday, Nov 01, 2016

Civis Poll November 2016 - Florida Amendment 1

This poll, conducted by Civis Analytics, indicates that momentum has shifted on the deceptively-worded, anti-solar Amendment 1 ballot initiative in Florida. Likely voters are beginning to understand the impact of the amendment, but voters will need to turn out in strong numbers to overcome ballots that have already been casted. 

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