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Support the Rally to #StopSolarTariffs


Even if you can't attend this important event in person, you can join the industry's efforts by showing your support online. Below you will find graphics and suggested posts. We encourage you to time your posts with the start of the hearing at the U.S. International Trade Commission, which will take place at 9:00AM Eastern Time on Thursday, December 5th.







Suggested Tweets:

  • Click to Tweet: I rally to #StopSolarTariffs to bring back the 62,000 jobs lost or not created because of the tariffs on #solar modules. We must continue creating careers for hard-working Americans to help build our clean energy economy. The time is now to #StopSolarTariffs: 
  • Click to Tweet: To reach @SEIA's goal for #TheSolarDecade of 20% new electricity generation by 2030, we must #StopSolarTariffs. These tariffs will cost the economy more than $19 billion in unrealized investment and have made U.S. solar prices some of the highest in the world.
  • Click to Tweet: The U.S. economy is losing more than $10.5 million per day in unrealized economic activity from misguided tariffs on solar modules and cells. We must show the administration that #solar tariffs are harming the economy and our industry. #StopSolarTariffs:
  • Click to Tweet: I rally to #StopSolarTariffs because I believe we must act on climate change to protect our planet. Tariffs on solar panels have slowed U.S. progress on environmental issues and will cause CO2 emissions to increase by more than 26 million metric tons.
  • Click to Tweet: Tariffs on imported #solar modules and cells are forcing consumers to pay more for solar energy. Tell the administration to #StopSolarTariffs and help make the benefits of solar energy accessible to all Americans.
  • Click to Tweet: I rally to #StopSolarTariffs to keep my job safe so I can feed my family. It's time to tell the administration to stop the tariffs that are causing thousands of Americans to lose their jobs. It's time to #StopSolarTariffs.
  • Click to Tweet: #Solar tariffs have caused great harm to the U.S. economy, preventing the development of a massive 10.5 gigawatts of solar capacity. That’s more than the current amount of solar installed in New York, North Carolina and Texas combined. #StopSolarTariffs:
  • Click to Tweet: I rally to #StopSolarTariffs because I care about the future of our planet. The reduced #solar deployment due to tariffs will increase carbon emissions by more than 26 million metric tons, equivalent to the emissions from more than 5 million cars.
  • Click to Tweet: Solar tariffs are preventing the industry from producing enough clean electricity to power another 1.8 million U.S. homes with low-cost energy. #StopSolarTariffs to allow Americans to access clean, cheap energy.
  • Click to Tweet: U.S. solar panel prices are now among the highest in the world, leading to higher prices for American consumers and reducing demand for solar energy. I rally to #StopSolarTariffs because I believe that everyone should have access to affordable, clean energy.
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