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SEIA produces a variety of research and other supporting resources for the solar industry, ranging from full reports to short factsheets. This data helps inform policymakers and business leaders alike on the current state of solar and where the industry is headed.

Joint SEIA and AWEA comments submitted June 27, 2011 regarding RIN 1004-AE19 - Interim Temporary Final Rule and Proposed Rule on the Segregation of Lands for Renewable Energy.

Utility-Scale Solar
Comments | Thursday, May 19, 2011

Eagle Conservation Plan Guidance

Comments submitted May 19, 2011 by SEIA regarding the USFWS's Eagle Conservation Plan.

Utility-Scale Solar

Comments submitted April 18, 2011 regarding U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' New Renewable Generation Nationwide Permits A & B (COE-2010-0035 and/or ZRIN 0710-ZA05).

Utility-Scale Solar

A new report from Lawrence Berkeley National Labs shows that residential photovoltaic energy systems in California help to increase home sales prices.  The report, "An Analysis of the Effects of Residential Photovoltaic Energy Systems on Home Sales Prices in California", finds that on average, homes with photovoltaic energy systems receive a $3.9 to $6.4 per watt premium on home sales.  This co

Rooftop Solar
Report | Wednesday, Mar 02, 2011

Environment America Solar Hot Water 2011 Report

"Smart, Clean, and Ready to Go: How Solar Hot Water Can Reduce Pollution and Dependence on Fossil Fuels"

Report | Saturday, Jan 29, 2011

SHC Media Compilation January 2010-January 2011

A compilation of media attention for SHC technologies.