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U.S. Solar Manufacturing Whitepaper Series

The United States is undergoing a transformational buildout of domestic solar and storage manufacturing to secure the safety and reliability of the electric grid. SEIA's vision is to reach 100 gigawatts of annual renewable energy manufacturing production capacity by the end of the Solar+ Decade, including 50 GW of solar manufacturing production capacity. The U.S. Manufacturing Whitepaper Series is a collection of reports that provide a blueprint for the U.S. to dramatically scale its solar and storage manufacturing efforts.

Catalyzing American Solar Manufacturing Whitepaper

A roadmap to achieving 50 GW of domestic solar manufacturing by 2030

Catalyzing American Solar Manufacturing

A roadmap to achieving 50 GW of domestic solar manufacturing by 2030.

This report outlines how the solar and storage industry can capitalize on this policy support and build a manufacturing base that is cost-competitive, ensures sufficient demand and supports a strong, diverse workforce. It also provides a snapshot of the current market landscape as well as analysis of how the Solar Energy Manufacturing for America Act (SEMA) and other provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act can help scale domestic production.

American Solar & Storage Manufacturing Renaissance Report

Managing the Transition Away from China

American Solar and Storage Manufacturing Renaissance

Managing the Transition Away from China

This whitepaper outlines the steps to secure a stronger domestic solar supply chain in the United States and reduce reliance on global imports, particularly from China. Read to report to learn about SEIA's plan for reducing imports at a pace that aligns with efforts to reshore manufacturing and scale domestic production in key parts of the supply chain.