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Texas Solar

Data Current Through:
Q3 2018
Solar Installed (MW):
National Ranking:
6th (4th in 2017)
State Homes Powered by Solar:
Percentage of State's Electricity from Solar:
Solar Jobs:
Solar Companies in State:
661 (107 Manufacturers, 272 Installers/Developers, 282 Others)
Total Solar Investment in State
$3,868.37 Million
Prices have fallen
43% over the last 5 years
Growth Projection and Ranking:
4,265 MW over the next 5 years (ranks 3rd)
Number Of Installations

As the Texas economy continues to grow, electricity consumption has correspondingly increased. Environmental regulations and various market pressures have forced a significant amount of generation to exit the market in recent years while older generation sources continue to be retired. Thus, new solar generation capacity is required to meet the Texas market's demand. Texas is poised to become a nationwide leader in solar energy, with more than 4 GW of capacity expected to be installed over the next 5 years, with appropriate state policy that removes market barriers and recognizes solar's benefits.


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SEIA Texas State Policy Priorities

  • Work to ensure pro-solar outcomes in the Centerpoint and AEP/NEM rate design cases
  • In the legislature, defend against elimination of the state tax credit

For more information on SEIA's work in Texas, please contact Katherine Gensler

Notable Solar Installations in Texas

  • RE Roserock LLC was completed in 2016. This photovoltaic project has the capacity to generate 160 MW of electricity -- enough to power over 17,951 Texas homes.5
  • Several large retailers in Texas have gone solar including Applied Materials, Campbell's Soup and FedEx. FedEx has installed one of the largest such installations with 2 MW of solar capacity at their location in Hutchins.6
  • At 95 MW, Alamo Solar Farm 5 in Uvalde is among the largest solar installations in Texas. This project has enough electric capacity to power more than 10,658 homes.7

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Solar Companies in Texas

Looking for a local installer? Use the SEIA EnergySage Marketplace to compare quotes and find companies in your area. You can also review the average costs for installing solar in Texas, based on real price data from solar quotes.

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Texas State Solar Policy Resources

Official SEIA State Affiliate - Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association (TREIA)

Public Utility Commission - Learn about the governing body that regulates the electricity rates and services of Texas public utilities

State Legislature - Track pending legislation affecting solar energy, locate and contact individual legislators, and stay up to date on current legislative issues in Texas

State Energy Office - Find a wide variety of information on state government energy programs, policy, projects, energy-saving strategies and energy-related statistics

DSIRE incentives database - Texas - Search a public clearinghouse for specific solar energy incentives in Texas and across the United States

U.S. Energy Information Administration - Texas State Profile - Explore official energy statistics, including data on electricity supply and demand, from the U.S. government


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